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The Hare


It’s been a strange week. The Biscuit came out of school last Friday into a flooded playground and rising uncertainty. Despite the amazing efforts of the staff and the wider community, the youngest children now won’t be going back to school until March, and then it will be to a temporary ‘new’ school housed within the grounds of another school.

Meanwhile, the waters on the main road to the Moose’s pre-school rose & rose. By Wednesday morning the road was closed and we were becoming rather too familiar with some very narrow single-track lanes, come-streams, leading up into the hills and round.

Nearer to home, the water that has flooded the school is now visible from our windows. We’re up a slight incline and safe for now, but at this point it feels like all bets are off. Storm after storm – much like the one I can hear shaking the roof now – is forecast. Whole communities are already submerged. But, for the moment at least, I’m just glad that we’re all safe – however horrible it gets, that really is all that matters.

The one bright spot has been the hare. Bought last summer, he’s finally looking reassuringly at us as we sit at our dining table. After taking the very grown-up step of framing our student posters, we’ve been slow to find the right extra things for the walls. And then even slower to actually frame & hang them. But after two years of looking rather bare, Nigel Peake’s beautiful screenprint fills this spot perfectly. With the Biscuit at home in the rain, we’ve had plenty of time to admire him. Lots of drawing, reading, birthday cake making and eating has already taken place under his watchful gaze. Tomorrow he’ll be looking down on the Moose’s fourth birthday party. I just need to ice that cake.


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