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After the party

After the party

The M Word

And so she is seven. It’s been a weekend of glorious weather: one day for parties; one for gardening. Twelve growing girls, and our own two small boys, ran wild in the back garden yesterday. Peg dolls were made, hula-hoops twirled, ice-cream eaten. Later, B & I went to a party of our own, and drank, and talked to friends, and stayed out in a magical garden until long after dusk had turned to darkness. And today, I planted out the sweet peas, some mange-tout, and a verbena bonariensis, watched and chatted to by the older of the small boys, while his little brother sat in the sandpit (eating sand as it turned out), and his sister devoured Ramona books one after another on the garden bench. The first vivid purple alliums are out, and the aquilegias, dusky pinks and purples, are nodding their bonnets.

But now the partying is over. And I’m planning an early bath and an evening with a long awaited book.


  1. Oh wow–my book and BUNTING! What a pair of images. Glad the weekend was glorious. I hope you’re enjoying the book.

    • I’m loving the book! Everything I’d hoped & more. I’ve read six of the essays so far, and I’ve laughed and cried — sometime even in the same essay. There are twenty-five eloquent and witty women lined up on the kitchen worktop waiting to talk to me — honestly and openly and without interruption from anyone’s kids — just wonderful!

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