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Lost In Living, free documentary this weekend


Lost In Living, confronts the contradictions inherent in personal ambition and self-sacrifice, female friendship and mental isolation, big projects and dirty dishes. The complex realities of family life unfold in this documentary film about the messy intersection of motherhood and artistic expression.

If the trailer is anything to go by, Lost In Living is the perfect movie for me right now. Filmmaker Mary Trunk followed four artists over seven years as they combined motherhood with art, two becoming mothers for the first time and two continuing their established careers with adult children. And it’s streaming for free this weekend here (4pm PST on Friday May 9th until midnight on Sunday May 11th). [Via the wonderful bluemilk.]



    • Mary, thank you for making the film! I found it so interesting & inspiring, and it’s left me with a huge amount to think about. What a privilege to share the thoughts & lives of the amazing participants – the highs, lows and all the doubts in between – and what a wonderful gift to other women to hear them talking so honestly about their lives.

      • Many thanks, Sarah. So glad you got so much out of it. All the best to you.

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