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There was the light

Carantec, low tide

Home, which brings its own strange dislocation. A seeing which is impossible in the rush and familiarity of the everyday. I notice all that we have started and not finished: the unpainted wall in our bedroom, the bare light bulb at the end of the kitchen, the half-read books piled on the shelf. The season too has shifted: the rhythms of our summer — all those hours in the garden — no longer fit the weather or the length of the day. The evening air feels autumnal, dusk falls early. We shop for school shoes.

Carantec, high tide

But, there was the light. The light at the coast and the light at B’s parents’ which holds you in its embrace — a fly in amber. Liquid, dripping light. Light into which to dive. My notebook is full of questions, plans. How to carry the energy of this holiday, the bliss of its togetherness, its ease, its possibility? How to work towards this being more what we have? How to hold to all that I have promised myself? I sketch out possible routines for the weeks ahead: if I get up at x o’clock, if the Pip Pop continues to nap after lunch, if I write for two hours on a Saturday morning before anyone else wakes.

And this is where we are. Almost at the start of September, almost at the start of all these new possibilities.


I keep returning to the light in this beautiful poem by Anjum Hssan which I found thanks to Shawna. So beautifully evocative.




  1. “A seeing which is impossible in the rush and familiarity of the everyday.” I know this well. And your notebooks… Much familiarity here. I hope September is all you wish.

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