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We love: This Little Baby

This Little Baby

I don’t know how many copies of This Little Baby we’ve got through in seven years as parents. I found three copies in various book baskets around the house this morning & I know that I’ve had to recycle at least one copy due to an over-enthusiastic reader who decided to literally gobble it up.

plays with his toys

makes lots of noise

My love for it is unashamed nostalgia. Each of my children has adored its simple rhymes, its black and white photos of babies, and its surprise mirror ending. An ending, I might add, that I’ve often had to change to ‘these are the babies I love the very best’ as children lean over the book for a glimpse of themselves in the mirror. (For complete accuracy, I also add my own enthusiastic ‘waa, waa, waaaa!’ to the page with the baby who makes lots of noise.)

I love best

It’s a book that has stayed the course from the very earliest days of our parenthood. A book that I know by heart & probably always will. Reading it in his cot last week the Pip-Pop pointed to the front cover and smiled. ‘Look Mumma! Popsy there!’ And he could almost be right.


However many copies we’ve had, they’ve all come to us through Bookstart, a wonderful programme that gives two sets of free books to all children in the UK before they start school, and encourages parents to enjoy reading to even the very youngest of children. Nicole’s thought provoking post on the huge socio-cultural divide between children who are read to before the age of five & those who aren’t has made me appreciate Bookstart even more.


  1. I was thinking of my children’s favorite books that I enjoyed rereading time and time again, and “Dogger” popped into my mind, probably because my youngest was reading it at breakfast this morning. Then I saw that you loved the book, too! So, I must ask if you are familiar with Shirley Huge’s “Giving”? It’s intended for a slightly younger reader, and one that is struggling with an even younger, annoying sibling. It’s a wonderful book with a gentle lesson.

    • Rachael, yes! I love the Katie & Olly books. We have Chatting/Giving/Bouncing. I was thinking over the weekend — as my youngest turned two — that I must include them here soon. They’re just so perfect & about six months ago were his absolute favourites. I think I love Chatting the most — it brings back memories of my seven-year-old as a baby. But Giving is brilliant because the man on the bus who gives up his seat reminds me of living in London & travelling by bus with a toddler and a baby in tow. (I think I only know Katie & Ollie’s names because there are some other stories that include them — the older editions we have don’t mention their names on the back, but some of the newer ones do.) So lovely to be reminded of them again — and to think of you reading them to your children too.

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