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We love: Lunchtime


When the Tesco’s guy arrived yesterday evening, a full two minutes after the end of our one-hour delivery slot, all three of my children fell upon him like they hadn’t eaten for months. Though, in fact, a neighbour’s daughter and her friends had knocked on our door selling cupcakes for charity not ten minutes earlier & a trail of crumbs led from the hall to the living room rug. The Pip-Pop helped me to unpack the shopping (‘Oh, more noodle, Mumma. More noodle ‘gain, Mumma.’), T returned to the story she was writing (500 Words), & the Moose lay down on the sofa and watched TV in his after-school pose of total exhaustion. Of course, when I called them to the table to eat their rather late tea no-one would come.

Lunchtime is the sweet tale of a little girl who is too busy drawing to stop for lunch. When her mum gets cross & sends her to the table she’s joined by the bear, wolf and crocodile from her pictures. Will they eat her up? Or will they eat her lunch instead? And will she come to the table faster when it’s time for tea?

Lunchtime by Rebecca Cobb

Lunchtime by Rebecca Cobb
I absolutely love Rebecca Cobb’s illustrations — as I’ve said before, they remind me of the Emma books by Grunilla Wolde that I loved as a child. And her story has just the right blend of accuracy and whimsy to make it a real winner. The Pip-Pop got it for his second birthday at the end of November & it’s been a firm favourite with both of us ever since.


Rebecca Cobb has also written a beautiful & sensitive book about bereavement, Missing Mummy. Reading it reminded me how little is written for small children about such a vast topic — dying cats & grandparents aside. When my dad died, my eight year old brother and I (eleven) were presented with a typed pamphlet outlining the five stages of grief which, in my memory — though I’m probably misremembering –, was entitled Bereavement for Children.

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