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Garden blues





The eighth birthday party has come and gone. Eight girls and two little brothers sitting round a table stringing beads onto bracelets, sandwiching their pictures between glass cabochons & pendant backings, gluing pink plastic roses to hair clips. Eating pizza, followed by scoops of vanilla ice cream swimming in chocolate sauce and hundreds & thousands. Running in the garden. Playing pass the parcel (commonly known in our house by the Moose’s name for it: parcel parcel). Chatting about their dreams (this particuluarly funny to listen to); discussing their creations. It seemed to be a good one. We remembered her at two — how excited she was when her first guest arrived & she thundered along the landing to peer down the stairs & see who it was.

And now Monday lunchtime (or at least it was when I first wrote this). The older children are at school. The Pip-Pop, who at almost two and a half is resisting napping more and more, is sleeping after a morning swim with his best friend. I’m looking over my plans for the week. Trying to see where I can slot in some writing, where I can make more time for reading. Next week they will only have four days at school & then another ten days off. After that a run of eight weeks through to the summer holidays. The garden is full of blue: wisteria next door, alkanet everywhere, forget-me-nots & the last of the bluebells. Perfect for the post-elections blues.


  1. Rose Roberts says

    Hi Sarah,
    just when I was craving the colour blue….your blog arrives in my inbox! Lovely photos. And such perfect timing. I thought I might be the only one going through a ‘blue period’.
    In fact, only yesterday I was reviewing some ‘blue’ photos I found online during the last few weeks. I’d been thinking of posting them on FB in the coming days — blue flowers, but also blue mosaic tiles, blue gems, blue birds, blue doors, blue sky…I didn’t take any of the shots …but for now, I gladly accept the gifts of blue shared by others like you! Thanks!

    • Glad the blue reached you at just the right time! The best bit is that I went out there thinking that there was nothing interesting going on & came back in with all of those blue shots. Sometimes we just need to look a little more carefully — and the impetus to do just that is one of my favourite things about writing here.

  2. School terms just seem to get shorter and shorter, don’t they? (Although the children might disagree with us there.) I’m trying to reconcile myself to using some of my very early mornings, courtesy of the dog’s bladder, to write once the holidays are here. It’s a painful prospect but maybe not as painful as six weeks of no writing.

    • Yes, I can cope with the rhythm of six or seven weeks, but two fives followed by an eight is a pretty rough deal. For them & us. I’ve stuck with getting up at six since the start of the year, but I think to really get a jump on the kids/animals it would need to be earlier. I know that so many people make it work. But even at 6 I have to get up every few minutes & stick my head out of the loft window to stay awake…(it was easy when we were combining it with going to bed at 9.30 — but that only saw us through January.)

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