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Lady Emma Hamilton | edge of evening

Lady Emma Hamilton | edge of evening
The sky is still blue, but the light is just fading. B is out in the garden, painting the shed. (I think he’s been working on rebuilding the shed for three summers! But this is the last thing — until, of course, the whole thing has to be started over.) Today was the Moose’s sports day & I’m tattooed in thin lines of red which trace the gap between my suncream & my clothes. I’m heavy-limbed and sleepy in that particular way that only comes after you’ve washed a hot, sticky day from your body & find yourself fresh in the warmth of evening.

I feel like the immediacy of Instagram has increased the distance between the words I write here and the time they took place. We’ve been to Amsterdam & now we’re back. I’ve read books — good books that I want to write about. But, since Pops stopped napping — which is now way-back-when (maybe this time last year?) — I seem to have lost my previous blogging routine. Anyway, it’s here. You’re here. There will be time again.

And, to that end among others, another ‘new regime’ as we (jokingly!) call them. With two years of unbroken nights under my belt, I’m giving early mornings a whirl. Day four, but so far it’s going well. June is obviously the perfect time for such an experiment. I don’t even need to put a lamp on, just make it from bed to the table four steps away. (And then every time I realise I’m falling into a complete coma I do a couple of sun salutations, which I think makes me a crazy writing/yoga morning cliché. But I’m happy.) It’s so lovely having the (extra) time to myself. How early you ask? Well, I already got up at 6, so I could have an hour before the morning routine started. So, early, early. But adjusting bedtime accordingly. It’s really not that bad.

B has also just had his precious work-from-home day returned to him after nearly a year in a new job. With a commute of 100 minutes each way, it’s a massive thing for him to only have to make the journey four days a week. It also means that we can eat together as a family on Thursday nights which is pretty wonderful all-round (normally small people eat at 5.30 & we eat at 9pm). Even though I sit with the kids when they eat every night, the conversation at ‘family mealtime’ is always the best. And, it means I don’t have to cook twice a night as I usually do, which means I can sit here typing this instead. Which it now strikes me might be written in a rambling up-since-the-early-hours kind of way. But there you go. It’s all a balancing act. We do what we can.


The rose is Lady Emma Hamilton, a wedding gift from friends, & so new in our garden this year. It has the most amazing fragrance & catches the last of the evening sunlight perfectly. My Wildeve is covered with fat buds & I think this year, it’s third, it might be strong enough to support the weight of the blooms — any day, I keep thinking, any day.


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