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Postcard from now: summer holiday edition

Sweet peas 2016 | edge of evening Sweet peas 2016 | edge of evening

It’s early. The roofbox is on the car. The little ones are still sleeping. Somehow we’ve careened to the end of another school year & the summer is stretched out before us. The endless weeks of rain turned to three days of intense heat and endless sun. Now, the sky is spread with quilted white clouds, the air is deliciously cool on my bare arms.

When we got our tent, we imagined spontaneous weekends of camping. But here, in the middle of our lives, nothing is as spontaneous as it seems. The roofbox lives in the shed at the bottom of the garden, the tent right at the back of the cupboard under the stairs, the stove and sleeping bags and mats come out of the eaves storage. We’re working with it: two camping trips a fortnight apart. This morning we leave for Dorset & then, later in the summer, back to France.

I’ve tried to be realistic with my book packing. I’m bringing just three. (Plus the knowledge that it would be easy enough to procure more. And we’re only going for five days.) I’ll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, I wish you happy summer days of reading.


  1. And isn’t the scent of sweet peas a palimpsest to all the summers we’ve lived? Their sweetness, the brevity of their flowering…

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