Month: October 2017

Yellowstone canyon | edge of evening

Postcard from now: canyon

Like the diaries I tried to keep as a child, the blog seems harder to come back to the longer I leave it. The gap between the ‘I’ and I myself growing until it is like the Yellowstone canyon we looked out over in the summer —not particularly wide, but deep, so very deep. * Walking into town one morning last week, I waved at a playground acquaintance walking in the other direction. You’re alone! she called across the street. Yes, I replied. I feel very alone. You’ll have to get a job! she shouted. Yes. I will. She too was alone, I later noted. But, yes, she does have a job. * (The waving. A tick that I can’t seem to stop. I greet everyone with hi and a small wave, as though I think everyone I meet is two-years-old.) * There is the usual question of what the normal week might look like. First there is the week when the older two go back to school. Then there is the week when the …