Birthday books

Hi, I’m Sarah.

Edge of Evening is where I write about books I’ve read, the books we love as a family, writing inspiration & stray thoughts about reading/writing/mothering and the tender & sometimes messy places where they collide.

I live an hour from London with B and our daughter & two sons (9, 6 & 3). We have a tabby cat called Tilly, a much-loved overgrown garden & a house full of books.

Books gather like dust bunnies in our home, piling up in the strangest places. But in the corner of our living room, next to the piano & behind the table, are my special shelves. The three shelves that hold only the most precious of books. There are new additions & old favourites. There are plenty more writers to explore & I love hearing your suggestions. But here are some who are already there — Tove Jansson, Penelope Fitzgerald, William Maxwell, Javier Marías, Virginia Woolf, Kirsty Gunn, Helen Garner, Drusilla Modjeska, Michael Ondaatje, Marilynne Robinson & Peter Carey.

I spent four years getting a physics degree that I’ve since spent thirteen years successfully not using.

I like the secret conversations between one book & the next.

Stay awhile. I’m really glad you’re here.


now the sound of the trees is worldwide

and I’m still here/not here
at the very lifting edge of evening.

and I should be up there. Bathing children.

from ‘Marginalia at the Edge of the Evening’ by Alice Oswald in Woods etc