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Snowflake | edge of evening


Just a quick hello from these days in between. I love them, stripped of expectation & obligation as they are. We’ve been embracing muddy walks, long hours in the kitchen and playing new games (Rat-a-Tat Cat has won all our hearts). Then there comes a point in the afternoon — around 3 — when it’s already starting to grow darker & we close the blinds and put on a movie. We watched Short Circuit the other day & I realised that it was probably twenty-five years since I last saw it. The boys giggled like crazy & the Pip-Pop keeps asking to watch the robot film again. Today it’s The Minions & I can hear the laughter from below. I want to watch, but I want to read more. So usually I sneak upstairs & settle down with a book. And here I am: the sound of wind & rain against the windows, my coffee already growing cold & Anna Karenina waiting for me on the bed. I hope that your between-days are just as cosy.